The success of Animations

Since the invention of the television, animation seem to have captured, not only the hearts of children, but also adults alike. The movie industry has realized this and invested huge amounts of talent and technology to the development of animated movies. Cartoon networks are probably the most well-known industries that have made animation acceptable to all age-groups. Today, animations are targeted to all age-groups and with all themes you can imagine. Animations are however not limited to the big screen and the television. The advertising industry, especially online advertising and design have seen what animated banners can do and have used them extensively for a wide variety of ways and on a wide variety of platforms.

When you look at how animation have evolved, you also have to look at the development of the software industry. With the right software tools and of course the right set of expertise, you can come up with virtually any form of animation. Whether it is in real estate online advertising or in an animated form filling online, animations are versatile and very easy to develop. Some developers have specialized in animation development giving birth to a new field in computing. When you think about it, the gaming industry is also animation. Some of the development platforms in game development can easily be used to create commercial animations when adapted appropriately. That being the case, the animation industry is then one of the largest industries in computing. The success of animations however, has not been a smooth ride and continues to take considerable effort to keep it going.


One of the reasons for this is incompatibility. When you look at the web today, there are many file formats that are still incompatible with the common end user browser. Some browsers are even configured to block certain animations from executing as a result of security issues. This has thus been a drawback to many web developers who would want to try out some new formats that would otherwise catapult animated content online even further ahead. The issue of incompatibility however, seems to slowly being won. Commonly-used browsers are coming with in-built add-ons to allow animated content to run without the need to make configurations. Nevertheless, with many formats available that can be adapted for animation online, it will take some time and effort before major strides in animated and interactive content can become mainstream. Web standards like web 2.0 still have a long way to go. In the meantime, we can appreciate the success that animations have had for the past years.


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