Animation Company Malaysia

Ulo Pikkov is really a master at puppet animation company Malaysia, however for Zebra and all sorts of Curtains Within My Existence he came on the video.  Ulo describes the video as “In my dreams I frequently visit a zebra.  An enormous zebra who runs behind your window.  When there’s a black stripe – night . . . A white-colored stripe – day  . . . And all sorts of my curtains are falling lower.”  After his explanation I have to begin to see the six minute film again.

Urmas Joemees, Hardi Volmer, and Ulo Krigul go ahead and take viewer on the nine minute visit to 15 at random visited metropolitan areas worldwide within their film Urbanimatio.  The video is really a poetic portrayal from the evolution, devolution, aging, and constant regeneration of metropolitan areas.

Animation Director Liis Viira can also be a proficient harpist and composer.  Liis states that they sang before she’ll speak and shortly next she started drawing.  Growing up she viewed Estonian animation having to pay special focus on the background music.  Liis stated that “. . .visiting animation later myself I discovered the genre of visual art nearest to music.”  In the opening night screening she supported her film Honey, I’m Developing the harp.  The video is definitely an insect’s look at plants and flowers.

Ulo Pikkov and Nancy

Ulo Pikkov and Nancy

Animated Dreams, which belongs to the Black Nights Film Festival, not just presents Estonian animation.   For 5 days it brings the very best animation company Malaysia from around the globe to Tallinn.  I’d already seen the majority of the films within the Worldwide Competition at other festivals however i did see quite interesting films within the strong Student Competition.  The eight minute film In Regards To A Mother by Dina Velikoovskaya was very moving.  The universal story of the mother who sacrifices something to safeguard and take care of her sons while they’re little is really a story that each mother can connect with.  After her sons leave the house, she’s still ever present when her sons need her.  It’s a simple story in 2D black and white-colored and also the line attracted images give a much deeper dimension towards the story.


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