Software Development Malaysia

When it comes to programming language PHP, we’d to make use of an item oriented application structure. There are lots of PHP application structures on offer with Free Code license. Object oriented application is essential, since it makes programming super easy and scalable up to the stage in which the system may grow without many problems. Also, it keeps PHP code separated from HTML, with the aid of some specific libraries, for example Smarty. We utilize Smarty library so we still find software development Malaysia an essential resource, which can make webpages faster through using its cache functions.

Also an essential group of libraries worth mentioning for PHP systems, may be the PEAR libraries. In PEAR site, one of many libraries on offer, you will find the database interface DB and also the MAIL_QUEUE, which transmits emails through using database.

Once we found the finish in our site project, we’d to make use of some kind of real-time database replication. For your we find the DRBD and Heartbeat libraries. Using database replication is essential and cannot be postponed. Soon after 3 several weeks our bodies experienced production, our server hard disk drive grew to become bad. Through using DRBD/Heartbeat we could place the system back to production within a few moments, without loosing data. DRBD/Heartbeat replication is completed through using a lan network between your server and slave nodes.

Our project also utilizes ImageMagick (enlarge and lower images), Iptables (firewall), Tsearch2(text search in portgresql) and Mon (linux monitoring tasks).

Also an essential library worth mentioning may be the pseudo APC compiler for PHP. Speed is definitely a vital factor for websites.

Our site has already been being produced and based on our experience we are able to state that outdoors Source Code softwares we selected, demonstrated to become very reliable and stable. Free Code software development Malaysia can typically be a great choice for developing internet sites.

Roberto Sedycias

IT Consultant

This information is under GNU FDL license and could be distributed with no previous authorization in the author. Nevertheless the author´s name and all sorts of URL´s (links) pointed out within the article and biography should be stored.


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