3D Animator

Strategies for turning a 3d animator cartoon right into a three dimensional concept

By Francis-Xavier Martins June 23, 2016

This small-walkthrough will help you dive right in from the 2D cartoon to some three dimensional concept.

three dimensional concept

Francis-Xavier utilises techniques utilized by Pixar

To inform you how you can turn a 2D concept into a bit of three dimensional art, I am going to utilize a cartoon piece I lately finished (with different concept by Republicans Gap) for example. It’s basically Nami in the manga One Piece, however i made the decision to ‘Disney-fy’ her just a little.

With regards to making cartoon figures in three dimensional from the concept, you need to allow it to be appealing. Whether it’s for animation inside a Television show, advert or film, the possibilities that it’ll be viewed from various angles. What looks good in the front view might not look great in the side or even the three-quarter view.

It’s basically Nami in the manga One Piece, however i made the decision to ‘Disney-fy’ her just a little

I adopted the concepts of curves versus straights a great deal within this piece, especially around the braches. One for reds is generally curved and yet another is straighter. This method is utilised in many films by Pixar: it really works very well and provides their figures dynamism on screen.

I push the pose to get a pleasant S-shape. This enhances the curves and helps make the character look more desirable.

three dimensional concept

An S-pose enhances the curves from the figure

Using ZBrush, it’s not hard to have fun with proportions. I made use of the Move tools to make certain it looked like the concept, but was unique enough in three dimensional so they won’t be considered a complete copy from it.

I began in the T-pose after which used the Transpose tools with a few masking to bend the braches and fingers.

For that expression, I needed to capture the cool smile from the original, therefore it would be a situation of utilizing the Move tool in ZBrush until I acquired 3d animator. When the major forms and gesture were done, I went in smaller sized tweaking the finer particulars. I needed to obtain the clothes, colours and lights right.

All of this is dependent around the concept you are dealing with, however, the concepts affect most three dimensional cartoon pieces: Obtaining the form, curves and straights recording the gesture and ensuring the figure works as a whole or all angles.

The most crucial skill needed this is a understanding of human body. While could it be a cartoon piece, the smoothness continues to be grounded the truth is, and if you plan to bend the guidelines, you must know about them to begin with!

Expert tip – make certain everything looks good ‘in the round’

When sculpting or creating any character, cartoon or else, you need to not only check it appears good in the front and side view, but additionally previously mentioned and below.

We sometimes forget this and question why our models look slightly off. Once all of the sights are locked lower, the shape will be prepared for detailing.


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