Website Developer

The website for video production studio whitelist goes full 90s multimedia presentation, however with modern technologies and elegance. I’ve frequently railed from the usability problems this type of design presents, however that doesn’t mean it’s not pretty.

You can drop the majority of the fancy JS and animation, and just what you’d have remaining is really a beautiful, minimalist site. I especially like the way website developer utilizes less-common geometric shapes both to brighten, and also to draw the attention to UI elements and important content.4musketier

I’m made to think that 4musketier is really a design agency, because though I can’t read German, that’s what’s within the portfolio section. It isn’t too imaginative. It’s a real textbook flat design that appears devoted to some pastel form of the rainbow itself, as opposed to a specific color plan.

Still, it appears good, with excellent typography, generous white-colored space, and much more. The entire design seems like it had been performed with precision, which alone may be worth a glance.Lachlan Kincaid

Lachlan Kincaid’s portfolio leads us into the realm of minimalism, having a more literal meaning of “white space”. Website developer an easy site that shares the emphasis between your text and imagery, in order to give proper context for all those work presented. It’s an attempt which i appreciate.Electric Enjin

Electric Enjin’s portfolio site commences with a bang, by showing a polygonal three dimensional globe that zooms in and… well I am not likely to spoil it. The reality is that, potential usability problems aside, this is exactly what all individuals Flash site designers were opting for, but couldn’t quite manage. It’s quite something to determine.
The relaxation from the website is decidedly simpler, and never too spectacular, though certainly pleasing towards the eye. However that home page… which will certainly give clients something to consider (whether it works within their browser).Olle


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