IOS Developer

Oh man, I’ve been lower some streets!  I’ll begin with a little challenge I experienced after which provide you with the one which haunted my sleep for several weeks.  The most typical kind of challenge which i face being an ios developer is just someone asking me to behave that I have never done before.  Used, for the first couple of years within this industry, this is one such occurrence.  This shojuld not be a surprise since there are around 100 different frameworks within the iOS development atmosphere you could possibly use.  Try not to be too alarmed with this.  Used, the procedure goes such as this:

1. Client insists upon carry out some task you have never done before

2. You watch a lot of tutorial videos after which develop a sample application.

3. “I understand kung fu” (for you personally Matrix fans available).

4. The brand new framework no more appears deeply mysterious and also you build the extension the following day.

This can be a procedure that I’ve repeated many occasions within my career.

Now to the primary course: the greatest challenge I’ve faced.

I experienced a customer that desired to develop a real-time peer-to-peer communication platform on iPad.  Lucky for me personally, I had been well-analyzed and that i recognized the lately launched Multipeer Connectivity framework will be a perfect fit for this kind of project.  I never used the framework before and technically, nobody had since it was new.

I analyzed the framework, I build out some test programs, therefore we were ready to go building an application that may support using a 1000 people simultaneously.  ios developer advanced well so we neared the deployment from the project.  At this time we started to conduct stress tests around the code to check on for quality.  So as to, an insect is discovered which was causing data to become lost.  We investigated the problem and tracked it lower completely towards the layer of the particular Multipeer Connectivity framework.

Translation: the bug was Apple’s bug, and never even my bug!

In this way, it was a relief, it wasn’t my fault.

In another sense, it was very, horrible news.

The building blocks where we built this application was essentially unstable.  At this time i was several weeks into development and just a couple of days from implementing the applying in a live event.


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