Animation Company

18. One Small Step

three dimensional art: one small step

It had been one small step for Neil Lance armstrong and something giant leap for three dimensional artist Tomas Kral

It might have been one small step for Neil Lance armstrong, but recreating animation company in three dimensional was a legendary task for senior three dimensional artist Tomas Kral. This epic space scene required Kral three days to accomplish, with the majority of the geometry produced in sculpting software ZBrush and a few textures obtained from CG Textures.

19. Malaysian Dream

three dimensional art: Malaysian Dream

three dimensional artist Ani Atanasova produced this idyllic scene after a vacation to Borneo

Ani Atanasova is studio director and lead artist at Pixelhunters, with more than 14 years experience of creating three dimensional art. The artist was motivated to create this idyllic scene after going to Borneo in Malaysia. The first 2D design was produced by Iliya Atanasov before Ani spent per week getting it to existence using Maya, terrain generation software Vue and compositing program Fusion.

20. To the truly amazing City

three dimensional art: To the truly amazing City

Gifted artist Bastien Grivet produces this brilliant sci-fi inspired scene using Cinema 4D and Illustrator

This show-preventing bit of three dimensional art was produced by concept animation company and matte painter Bastien Grivet. Unbelievably, this picture started as five simple three dimensional cubes of various dimensions and shapes, that the gifted artist then altered using Cinema 4D and Illustrator.

21. GT40 in Monte Carlo

three dimensional art: GT40 in Monte Carlo

This detailed three dimensional model is not only a covering. Digital artist Luis Nieves built the whole vehicle in only nine several weeks

As Ford no more creates the GT40, digital artist Luis Nieves made the decision to construct their own, only in three dimensional. The gifted designer spent nine several weeks building the classic model on your own in the free time. And Maya, Mental Ray renderer, Illustrator, after Effects CS6 were the various tools that enabled him to get it done.


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