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Social media APIs came a extended way since Google released the initial type of its YouTube API in May 2008 and Facebook released the initial type of the Graph API in April 2010. Today, these APIs supply you with the opportunity to question social media platforms for posts, clients, channels, and demographic data. They are able to permit you to help make your own service or uncover a little more about your customers list.

Within the following sentences, software developer browse the ways we could use a couple of from the popular social media APIs:

Facebook (Graph and Marketing API)





We’ll also discuss their limitations, and explore a couple of from the useful tools that exist for use with such APIs. Later inside the article, we’ll also take a look at the best way to integrate these APIs in any Rails application.

Social Media APIs: The Internet’s Portal for the Real Existence

Use social media APIs to access know your clients a lot better than they understand themselves.

I’ll focus on one social media API at any time and explain its capabilities, limitations and available tools. Software developer will notice a matrix while using different APIs in addition to their characteristics for far better comparison later within the following sentences.

To make use of the APIs you’ll first need to setup a credit card applicatoin that creates queries with regards to the application with OAuth based demands. Clients will authenticate upon the application and you’ll then access their data while using resulting user access-token.

The now outdated FQL (Facebook Query Language) used to be a SQL-like query language which may be familiar with access all data from Facebook.

Facebook released the initial type of its Graph API in April 2010. The latest version during writing this post is 2.6 which was introduced on April 12, 2016. It is a low-level HTTP-based API will question data, create posts, in addition to create automated ad campaigns.


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