Interior Designer

After more than a year of trawling the London property market, we’re in a position to (finally) transfer to our new abode in the finish from the summer time, although not prior to getting to place my very own discuss the area. Within the last month, my nightly googling sessions (less dodgy because it sounds I promise) have revolved around paint colours, radiators, sofa styles, DIY tips and general interior designer porn. Yep, attention has formally moved to any or all things home so before I’m able to start discussing images of my new flat, I figured I’d provide you with a look into my mental moodboard I’ve been producing lately. We’re lucky the flat is lovely already but I’m so prepared to finally have make somewhere exactly (or thereabouts) the way i need it.

Allow me to read your comments and when any one of you’ve any decor or moving tips… Always looking for brand new interiors stores too for those who have any favourites you do not mind discussing!

Wishbone Chairs

My dream dining chairs, Personally i think like I’ve been really over-pinning these recently. It feels very grown-up but I’m at that time where I type of want to purchase some furniture which will last forever and that i seem like fundamental essentials one. Extra beautiful having a clean, white-colored table.

Shower Shelves

Each time I’ve remained at Babington House or Soho Farm house, I recieve an excitement from their shower shelves. Yes, I’m that individual. I’m sorry there’s just something so satisfying about the subject and that i love the thought of feeling like you’re in a, great hotel in your own home so I’ve always had a imagine getting certainly one of my very own, so much in fact interior designer become a non-negotiable feature for me personally. Certainly one of individuals small things which makes an easy bathroom believe that little more luxurious.

Brass Pendant Lamps

Certainly one of my first purchases were three brass pendant lights (from Pooky if interested) to set up over our dining room table. My passion for brass covers virtually all sorts of lighting it required my perseverence to not buy wall, ceiling and lamps for the reason that burnished gold colour. But first of all There is my sights focused on individuals three pendants to hold over my dining room table.


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