House Renovation Malaysia

Interior Style Hunter interviews interior designer James Gostelow

I met James Gostelow a couple of several weeks ago and house renovation Malaysia was very impressed with how he’s growing his interior planning business, he’s completed a number of projects very quickly and they’re fabulous. It isn’t too frequently that you discover an artist who’s so focused and ambitious about growing his business. You will see what i’m saying within the interview below.

James Gostelow

What’s your design signature/style?

I suppose my signature style is traditional country having a contemporary twist getting labored on numerous Grade II listed qualities. However, stating that the studio does not have a ‘House Style’. We design both traditional and contemporary. However, I actually do like to focus on traditional projects and will not always follow trends. I love clients to possess timeless pieces and style.

Which kind of people do you want to use as clients?

Like a business along with a brand moving upwards we love to for everyone ‘nice clients, nice things’. Even though this sounds just a little wet, house renovation Malaysia is good to determine clients getting an participation within the project and to allow them to bring some existence in to the project i.e personal objects, photographs etc. This way we are able to design the area to match their demands as well as bring some personal touches in to the plan. Organizing a photograph shoot for your loved ones, which i’ve done before can also be an enjoyable experience and produces great recollections. The actual gift in my experience in the finish of the project is really a smile, where we’ve shipped a wonderful service and product to fabulous people.

James Gostelow

Do you know us in regards to a particularly exciting/challenging project?

I had been lucky enough to get make use of a developer on the Grade II Manor house inside a beautiful village known as Epperstone on view countryside of Nottinghamshire. I fell so deeply in love with the work that my spouse and i are presently while purchasing among the flats which we’ll treat as our little country pad to flee the hubbub based in london. This may also be open to hire for week/weekends for anybody wanting break to unwind. Watch this space.


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