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Interior Style Hunter interviews renovation contractor designer Sophie Paterson

Sophie Paterson runs a really effective interior planning studio. Located in London and Surrey, this fast growing studio assumes a number of projects in Britain and abroad.  Sophie designs both commercial and residential spaces too.

I particularly such as the palette that Sophie works in, I believe this provides the dog owner an chance to construct on the strong foundation with time. The styling is gorgeous too. Do benefit from the interview.

What’s your design signature/style?

Our signature style is contemporary classic – I love to design interiors which will stand the ages and feel as relevant in five years time because they do now. We tend to utilize a mainly neutral base palette after which layer up colour and texture with the cushions, art, lamps and add-ons. I rarely design an area with no accent colour when i like each room to possess a distinct feel in the home but ensure they flow in one to a different.

sophie paterson

sophie paterson

Which kind of people do you want to use as clients?

I love dealing with clients who trust us – renovation contractor such part from the relationship between designer and client. I spend considerable time with this clients understanding their likes, dislikes, needs, the way they prefer to work and just how best to talk with them. A number of our clients live overseas or work very lengthy hrs therefore we combine in person conferences with many different emails. You develop the trust with time and the bottom line is integrity.

We always do what we should say we’ll and communicate at each step particularly if there’s a problem having a manufacturer or supplier – we’ll always update the customer but we attempt to get it done simultaneously as providing them with a strategy to the issue. Should you choose that everything has a tendency to go easily.


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