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I’m baffled to describe it, however i suppose it had been inevitable. I’ve been watching a really lengthy and gradually decreasing revenue tail in my best iphone developer for a while.

OuttaMyWay!My most widely used application, OuttaMyWay! – Personal Lights & Siren, has witnessed a outstanding stop by sales recently. A cost reduction didn’t stimulate an uptick in sales. Can it be the world’s appetite to have an emergency lights and siren simulator has finally been sated?! I fight to believe, however i must be realistic I suppose.

I’m able to hardly complain. First introduced in ’09, the application was met with great enthusiasm by many people lights & siren fans, included in this actual first responders. I received many great reviews and great suggestions from customers. To this day, the application retains strong use by a couple of,100 monthly active customers. Since it’s release it’s been downloaded over 46,000 occasions. So, thanks!

Since 2009 there has been many updates, including most lately an entire re-write in the finish of 2015 which added true universal device support. iPad customers rejoice! It appears and is effective on all iOS products. I’d wished this update would refresh sales, but alas, less. I even incorporated a preview video for that Application Store. I question in the event that assisted or hurt, in hindsight?

If you are into lights and sirens (and who isn’t?!) this is probably the better apps around the Application Store. It’s stable, mature, and it has a developer that likes you it (me!). Comments are consistently five star. What exactly describes the sales fall off?

Since I Have do hardly any, or no, active marketing with this application, I’m able to only think that the Application Store’s discovery calculations altered significantly within the last several several weeks. That’s only a hunch based by myself data. The sales trend is certainly downward. In which the application accustomed to see daily sales between 10 and 20 models, today it’s between  to five.

Since I love this iphone developer, and since I’ve some lengthy-some time and devoted customers, I actually do intend on making some updates. And That I suppose I’ll “up” my marketing game a little to find out if that can help. Being an indie developer, I chalk these developments to the ever worsening ecosystem for indies: It’s just tough to break with the noise from the Application Store with “just any app” and without lots of buzz and sources and/or established prestige available on the market. Thankfully, I’ve got a regular job, when i suspect most (although not all) indies do.

I’ll press on, nevertheless, when i love this application. But more to the point, I’ve customers who like it, and that i shouldn’t allow them to lower. Because of them, and due to you for studying. Should you or somebody is nuts for lights and sirens, please let them know about OuttaMyWay.

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