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How you can Submit An Application to Apple: From No Account to Application Store – Part 1

submit an application

Learn to join the android developer program, submit an application and obtain printed around the Application Store!

Note: This tutorial continues to be up-to-date by Tony Dahbura. The initial publish was compiled by Gustavo Ambrozio.

Learn to submit an application to Apple within this two-part series. This tutorial documents each step to become an Apple iOS developer – from literally no account, to printed around the Application Store!

You will see how to enroll in Apple’s iOS Developer Program, how you can create the various certificates needed, how you can configure your application, and just how to submit an application towards the Application Store for approval.

To produce this tutorial, I produced a totally new Application Store account and posted a brand new application towards the Application Store, keeping careful note of every step on the way.

Within this tutorial you’ll submit an application known as Drop Charge, which will come from 2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials. The application was already approved and could be downloaded free of charge in the Application Store here.

With this tutorial demonstrating how you can submit an application, you’ll need US$99 (or even the equivalent fee relevant inside your country), a legitimate charge card, along with a browser. And it will go without having to say, but to build up apps, you’ll require a Mac computer, with OS X installed.

Finally, you’ll need Xcode, Apple’s development software. You are able to download Xcode in the Mac Application store now or hold back until android developer covered within the tutorial.

It can help to approach this tutorial with a few persistence and perspective. Being a registered developer is really a extended process and it is sometimes repetitive. Keep in mind: within the finish you’ll have the ability to submit an application (or apps!) towards the Application Store for potential fortune and glory!

Getting Began

The initial step on the road to the Application Store would be to register being an Apple developer. Observe that just as one Apple developer is free of charge, however this is totally different from having the ability to submit an application towards the application store – to achieve that you have to spend the money for aforementioned US$99 fee.


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