Graphic Designer Malaysia

If you were following Bloop graphic designer Malaysia for some time, you realize I really like discussing a few things i learned.

Today I wish to expose you to a brand new blog I began about the process of making art (take it easy, Bloop continues to be likely to be my primary focus).

Previously 24 months I learned building a company around things i love. They were most likely probably the most interesting many years of my existence to date.

This ” new world ” I’ve happened upon has numerous names. Many people refer to it as internet marketing, professional blogging, lifestyle business etc. For me personally, like a creative person/artist, it had been about finding a method to achieve the crowd I needed, and providing them around I’m able to.

Sure, this path switched out lucrative too, but building the crowd and community around things i do was as pleasing i then know.

This is actually the very first time I’ve spoken about my journey openly, and I’m carrying this out due to the fact I wish to help other artists and inventive people learn how they may find their audience making a business around their passion. Around their ART.

Within this new blog – Limebrush – I’ll talk about everything I learned (but still learning) out of this amazing process.

Read much more about why I began this web site here.

How did this factor start?

After graduating in the School of Visual Arts within the three dimensional graphic designer Malaysia department, I began being employed as an animator in numerous New york city galleries. It was exciting and fun, however the filmmaker within me wasn’t satisfied.

I couldn’t maintain a positive attitude for lengthy with only hopping from studio to studio, supplying animation services. I needed to do my very own factor.

This really is something I understand many artists can connect with.


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