Animation Studio

Seem like building your personal? You are able to download the origin files free of charge from Pinshape here!

pinshape-aniwaa-bq-ciclop three dimensional scanner

Fuel3D SCANIFY – Handheld – $1,490

From the United kingdom, the SCANIFY is advanced-searching portable three dimensional scanner in line with the photogrammetry technology. Two 3.5 MP high res cameras work together with three xenon flashes to capture an item from two viewpoints concurrently. A black and white-colored marker is needed for that SCANIFY to operate. This portative three dimensional scanner provides a good cost to performance ratio and animation studio is a effective tool for particular use cases, for example three dimensional checking a face, everyday objects or perhaps statues. Be cautioned: there is a steep learning curve to understand this sleek tool and it isn’t as simple as one may think.


RangeVision Wise – Desktop – $2,590

The Wise is really a new accessory for the number Vision products, a Russian manufacturer. This excellent desktop three dimensional printer really packs lots of power! It depends on the structured light three dimensional checking technology and works together with a projector and 2 industrial cameras. The Wise will work for reverse engineering or art upkeep programs for instance and it is suited to three dimensional scan objects inside a size vary from 4 cm to 1m . It’s very easy to setup and also the scanner is extremely mobile, as it’s light and has a tripod along with a devoted travel situation. Additionally, it includes batteries therefore it could work with no link with an electrical source.

range vision three dimensional scanner

DAVID SLS-3 – Desktop – $3,995

The DAVID SLS-3 may be the latest iteration from the SLS number of desktop three dimensional scanning devices, in the well-known German manufacturer. Versatile, reliable and performant: the SLS-3 is really a effective three dimensional scanner appropriate for a lot of use cases, from reverse engineering to inspection or archeology programs. Like the SLS-2 (its previous version), the SLS-3 uses the white-colored structured light checking technology (and so the name SLS!). Animation studio two times as quickly as the SLS-2 while offering a greater resolution. The SLS-3 may also be used using the compatible automatic turntable from DAVID, the TT-1, but that’s another $1,160. For commercial-grade programs as well as for top speed and determination, the SLS-3 remains a good choice.


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