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How To Produce A Blog For android developer

HI. I’m Complex Compas and i’m glad to express my Android adventures, the way i grew to become an Android Developer and just what shall we be held doing being an Android Developer. In each and every of my posts I’ll provide solutions for 2 questions:

– WHY? (why shall we be held writing that publish, what’s the utilization of it and do you know the problems that’ll be solved with that publish)

– HOW? (the way i solved this problem, what code solved it and just how I loved this effective tool that’s Android Development).

I do believe that Android Development is all about fixing problems within an intriguing and smart way.

So, with this first publish I believe that it’s helpful to inform you step-by-step the way i produced this (awesome) blog.


1. The primary reason of making this web site is the fact that the majority of the reasons for Android Development have the freedom or almost free. (Tutorials, source codes, atmosphere, you may also publish your apps really cheap with 25$ once fee.) I am talking about you may be an Android Developer with simply a pc and a web connection (aside from the motivation and lots of time). So I wish to give something back for those these good stuff. That’s the reason I share my understanding. I really hope that you’ll be there beside me.

2. Other reason is that i’m not too organized so this is an excellent method to keep my files so as.

3. It’s fun.

4. It is simple.

5. I’m able to get it done.

4. After six decades from now, when my grand-kids may have how old irrrve become they’ll be puzzled and amused studying this.


Enough speaking. This is the way Used to do it:

I made the decision which i want (need) to produce a blog.

I required the choice to make my blog self-located (my very own domain).

I select an internet host provider – iPage (great cost for quality – under 2$/month). Disclosure: I recieve commissions for purchases made through this link.

I select your own domain name android developer (things i do just for fun?)

I select a blogging service – WordPress (it’s huge)

Once I produced a free account on iPage , I saved my website name  after that I compensated 21$ for any year and that i clicked a control button to set up (free of charge) WordPress. Disclosure: I recieve commissions for purchases made through this link.

I checked world wide to select a (free) template and triggered my blog.

I authored this primary publish.

You are able to Google for any hosting company provider along with a blogging service that you want. I authored the reason why in my choices so it’s your call to find the good for you.

Anyway, developing a blog is extremely easy.

Even though this publish isn’t about Android Development we’ll make it happen soon. I figured which i should begin with something easy.


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