IPhone Developer

Consider I’ve your attention, let’s perform a thought experiment: What can happen if Apple all of a sudden did implement a 14-day no questions requested return period for iTunes?

Who’d take advantage of this?

Consumers clearly. However I also feel that lots of designers would earn more money because of this type of change. For those who have an application that’s costly, iphone developer appears most likely more people could be prepared to try it out if they already know they are able to easily obtain a refund when the application isn’t satisfactory. This is actually the argument help with by advocates of time limited tests within the Application Store.

While you shop within the Application Store you will know you’re inevitably thinking about buying some bad eggs: apps which were not that which you expected, apps which are buggy, apps which were totally misrepresented within the Application Store description, etc. When apps only cost $.99 it’s very easy shrug from the bad purchases. The entire cost you compensated to locate an application that you simply finish up using continues to be pretty low. However, if the chance of buying a “bad” application is slowly removed, then that can lead to a general rise in Application Store prices. The main difference for designers would be that the good iphone developer can get the money rather than it being disseminate accross several not too good apps. This is an excellent factor for me.

Who’d end up being the nonwinners?

Designers of bad apps will probably suffer economically because of easy refunds. Their refund rates will skyrocket and the company plan of flooding the Application Store with crap will crumble. I wouldn’t cry on their behalf.

Regrettably some great apps could become a victim of this transformation too. Consider apps that you simply “finish” within fourteen days. Many casual games fall under this category. Event specific apps too. Possibly some travel related apps, e.g. after your short vacation trip you might not “need” a town guide application any longer. Obviously it isn’t to fully enjoy an application for 13.9 days after which request reimbursement. But many people would obviously abuse this.


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