Software Developer

Decision 2: Continuous Rollout

Clients are familiar with continuous update delivery with SaaS solutions. They’re an easy and convenient method to always run the most recent form of something. Despite the fact that PRTG operates “on-premises” (i.e. inside our customers’ systems), we modified the idea to give the benefits of continuous delivery to the customers: Software developer introduced continuous rollout this year and also, since then our customers receive new versions of PRTG, including additional features and enhancements, regularly.

This Year i was early adopters for this type of process. Nowadays even large vendors (e.g. Microsoft) have modified this method to update their os’s-it’s condition from the art today. For all of us like a software development company which means that rather than delivering only a couple of versions each year, with massive changes together, we are able to be agile within our development process and may also test new code and additional features before moving them to all servers.continuous-rollouts

Decision 3: No Custom Development, No OEMs

Yes, in early many years of our organization, we did custom development on the project basis. In those days, i was youthful and needed the cash to obtain began.

Custom development really gave us quick cash, but software developer compensated a cost: massive delays in the introduction of our very own product. However, about 5 years in, we recognized that over time we’ll have more from our work whenever we concentrate on our organization and our very own product. Based on our computations, it was also true when we billed our clients around €1,500 for any developer day. Because this discovery, we haven’t done anymore custom development and all sorts of our souped up that adopts PRTG may be used by 150,000 customers each day.leading-secretDecision 4: Don’t Discuss the Future

Planning software projects is difficult. Way too hard. Especially if you need to maintain and support an item composed of 2 million lines of code, that is running at 150,000 customer sites, inside a constantly evolving realm of systems, simultaneously. These are lots of changes and variables we have to consider when planning the following steps for the product.


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