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14. Your game sessions feel empty

Following around the last point, social games animation studio Malaysia wish to engage in a number of activities inside your game. Each game play session should feel lively and rewarding, no matter its length. Using our previous example once more, Zombie Catchers stays fresh by alternating fun hunting based game play and a few simple shop management. You are able to play for any couple of minutes and revel in multiple game play phases.

15. Your game punishes inactive gamers

The 21st slide from Kongregate’s talk summary in the Casual Connect Asia in 2013 states everything. On a single finish, which makes it harmful for that player not to return for your game frequently will pressure him to get involved with a playing habit.

However, people have to take breaks. At any time, your customers might have to stop playing due to an essential approaching event. A test maybe, or perhaps a birth…They should also continue holidays sometimes. Once they return to your game, should they have lost their progress, their sources as well as their headquarters, they’ll likely quit. Rather you are able to reward a classic user for returning following a lengthy absence! Building up their appreciation from the game.

16. Updates aren’t coming quick enough

Let’s finish by having an easy one: social and multi-player games have to be stored alive. If you wish to retain customers around the long term, you have to have them busy or provide them with grounds to return. Regular and substantial game updates, every one to three several weeks, are answer to remaining within the mind of the customers.

In case your updates are slow, odds are your customers won’t uninstall the sport, however they may also forget to check on animation studio Malaysia again later.


To summarize today’s article, gamers leave your games for just two key reasons:


Frustration, or anxiety

Individuals are the finest opponents like a game designer. The antagonists of flow.

Next week’s article will concentrate on lengthy-term retention and habit formation. This will provide you with some clues to help keep gamers returning to your game over time.


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