Interior Designer Malaysia

Richard Landon is really a national award-winning Licensed Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, focusing in residential space planning. Using his Created by L.I.F.E. process, Richard designs and remodels homes that inspire esthetically and psychologically. “It matters that my clients feel their spaces look wonderful, work nicely, and many important feel right,” stated Landon.

His clients’ projects happen to be printed over 70 occasions in national and worldwide magazines. Like a thought-leader in just interior designer Malaysia planning, his Created by L.I.F.E. process invites clients to gain access to the the greatest areas of their imagination.

Builder Origins

Like a youthful man, Richard attended San antonio Off-shore College studying chemistry. His passion for design sparked as he was assisting to relocate a youthful widow and her child. Throughout the move he saw the woman’s shelf was unsteady because it fell straight from the hinges. He blurted out, “Can you purchase me some wood? I’ll build something which stays on your wall!Inches It had been he then recognized he’d never done greater than develop a tree fort becoming an adult.

Richard visited a cupboard shop, viewed interior designer Malaysia process, and came away thinking, “It’s just rectangles I’m able to determine this.Inches He lent a saw, sander, router, and drill motor and began building. Afterwards he started getting calls from individuals who visited the lady asking if he’d improve products for them also. What began off like a mission of empathy for any single mom sparked what can later are a promising career like a cabinetmaker.Design InfluenceFinding inspiration in from musical theory to kinetic science, Richard’s design process is extremely affected by both physical and existential. His conditions inspire him, but it’s his client’s dreams that influence him most. He will not allow the space dictate design, and rather works tirelessly to make sure the project space fits his client’s wishes.  “I haven’t felt restricted to suit boxes right into a space. I shape the area to suit the customer and also the home’s personality.”


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