Website Developer

Figure 9. Creating Application Package for that Store submission

Around the “Create Your Packages” window, Park selected “Yes,” since he was allowing the package for Home windows Store.

Figure 10. website developer Package creation window

Following the Microsoft Account login screen, Park selected the correct application reputation for this submission.

Figure 11. Choosing an application name

Since Pori Fashion Show operates on both phone and desktop, Park checked both x86 and ARM.

Figure 12. Configuring version number and target products

When the package creation was complete, Park could now begin the validation and native testing needed for those apps posted towards the Home windows Store with the Home windows Application Certification Package.

Note: Please make reference to this site for more information.

He selected the default “Local machine” option and clicked the “Launch Home windows Application Certification Kit” button at the base right corner.
Figure 13. Package creation completed screen

Following the Home windows Application Certification Package carried out various tests and validation. Once Pori Fashion Show passed, Park was prepared to upload the package towards the Dev Center.

Finalizing submission on Home windows Dev Center

Within the Packages section underneath the Submission page, Park could upload his packages using drag-and-drop-browsing towards the packages can also be a choice.

Figure 14. Uploading the package to Home windows Dev Center

Now Park what food was in the ultimate step: uploading screen shots and descriptions.

Figure 15. Uploading screen shots

The outline and screenshots submitted, Park has effectively posted his application and it was introduced for this certification progress page, that they can use to understand happens next.

In under 72 hours, Park received notification that Pori Fashion Show had passed certification.

Figure 16. Notification email concerning the certification status from Home windows Dev Center

Shortly after that, his website developer made an appearance around the Home windows Store.

Figure 17. Application on Home windows Store

Checking acquisitions on Dev Center and upgrading the application

Within the Home windows Dev Center Dashboard, Park could see an introduction to the application acquisitions, crashes, and customer census. Also, he loved while using Dev Center UWP application on his phone and desktop to obtain a quick glance of his app’s trending and standing.

Since he found and glued some bugs following the initial submission, he desired to update the application. To get this done, he simply clicked the Update button around the right side from the Submission item. This produced a brand new submission permitting him to update the application qualities or upload a brand new package.


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