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To see or write files in LocalFolder, you have to make use of the software developer Data.LocalFolder property you’re going to get back a StorageFolder. After that you can use StorageFolder.CreateFileAsync and StorageFolder.GetFileAsync to create and browse files.


Use LocalCache to keep application data that you would like endured across application sessions, however that shouldn’t be maintained by the machine. LocalCache is the best place for data with similar lifetime as the application and that may be easily recreated or downloaded when needed.

Guidelines for LocalCache

Apply it cached or produced content you’ll need across application sessions. If you’re installing online files, LocalCache is most likely the best place on their behalf.

Apply it authentication tokens. Authentication tokens shouldn’t be supported and LocalCache is usually the best place for them.

Using LocalCache

LocalCache are only able to contain files and it is utilized with the ApplicationData.LocalCacheFolder property.


Because the name indicates, the Temporary Application Data store is the best place for data that you simply don’t want endured following the current application session. The machine can delete data stored only at that location when needed to release space.

Guidelines for Temporary

Use Temporary for just about any intermediate or temporary files. Should you won’t require a file after your application is ended or suspended, this is actually the right place for it.

Clean your Temp folder during software developer initialization. If you’re writing considerable amounts of information to Temp, it may be beneficial to obvious it whenever your application is initialized to prevent the machine or even the user getting to do this to release storage.

While using Temporary Application Data store

Use ApplicationData.TemporaryFolder to obtain a StorageFolder and connect to the Temporary Application Data store. After that you can make use of the different StorageFolder techniques to create and browse files.


Within this publish, we’ve gave you introducing storing application data in your area in addition to good examples and finest practices. Hopefully, you’ll have the ability to make use of this information to produce encounters that delight your customers.


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