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How Color Theory Could Make Your Site More Fabulous

Among the first questions that you’ll want to deal with when you start to produce a web site is which colors to select for that design. Not remarkably, a website’s color scheme is among the first stuff that website visitors notice, and that’s why it’s such an integral part within the overall software development design process.

Additionally for their affect on the website’s style and look, colors also play a substantial role within the site’s performance. Quite simply, the colours you select for the website can really impact its success when it comes to visit duration, coming back customers, click rates, sales, etc. Online, colors tend to be more than you would think, and you have to bear this in mind when creating your personal site.

How Color Theory Could Make Your Site More Fabulous

You probably know this. Some people can’t even match our t shirts to the pants, so how can we proceed with selecting the right color combination for any professional website? This is when color theory arrives. Color theory is a vital concept in art and style, and it is informed by optics science. Generally speaking, color theory gives graphic artists the various tools to produce effective color combinations. Professional software development also depend on color theory within their work, and you can too! Here’s what you ought to know:

Color Theory for novices

In the centre of color theory may be the Color Wheel. You most likely have experienced this fella’ before, it appears as though this:

Color Wheel

The colour wheel is definitely an highlighted organization from the colors in line with the relationship together. The bottom of the wheel is composed of the 3 primary colors – red, blue and yellow. Added between individuals would be the secondary colors – eco-friendly, orange and crimson.


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