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Technicolor Developing ‘Supersaurus 7’ Series

Technicolor options the legal rights from ‘Misery Bear’ co-creator Chris Hayward and inventive director, designer and illustrator Henry Coate to build up and convey ‘Supersaurus 7,’ a CG-animated children’s comedy adventure series featuring the world’s first super hero dinosaurs.
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Technicolor has optioned the legal rights to build up and convey Supersaurus 7, a children’s comedy adventure series featuring the world’s first super hero dinosaurs. The agreement was arrived at with Chris Hayward, co-creator from the BBC web series Misery Bear and author from the BAFTA-nominated CBBC series FIT, and inventive director, animation studio Malaysia designer and illustrator Henry Coate.

Focused on a reimagined the world, the prehistoric sprawling continent of Pangea, lengthy before human existence, Supersaurus 7 follows the comedy adventures of several youthful dinosaurs who chance upon a mysterious blue lava flowing in the very core of the world, whose energy transforms them into super hero dinosaurs. Are all equipped with an excellent energy that amplifies their dinosaur traits, so when they interact they may be an indomitable pressure, assuming they are able to learn how to use their new forces properly! Heading off rampaging T-Rex’s, saving distressed dinos from erupting volcanoes, and zapping incoming asteroids, these hot-headed, heroic and technologically advanced youthful dinosaurs strive can provide relief. They likewise have to confront an upswing of the new threat, the animals, brought with a despotic Gerbil with short rodent syndrome.

“Chris and Henry have produced an authentic concept inside a favorite genre that people haven’t yet observed in kids’ entertainment – dinosaurs as super heroes – two styles that children everywhere usually have loved,” said Alison Warner, VP of IP Sales, Acquisitions & Co-Productions. “We think that viewers will recognize our figures, who’re essentially just kids understanding how to handle their new abilities, while dealing with a few of the strangest and stupidest enemies seen inside a prehistoric world! An ideal mixture of action and comedy to interact and thrill our audience!”

“We’re happy to work with Technicolor and therefore are striving to create Supersaurus 7 super exciting and unbelievably funny, so children around the globe will laugh, cheer… and roar,” added Hawyard and Coate inside a joint statement.

Like a creative director, animation studio Malaysia designer and illustrator, Coate has labored on a number of projects varying from Alan Partridge-themed Christmas Lights, to some 30-meter giant parrot for Monty Python Live, along with a existence size T-Rex for National Geographic. Hayward’s longtime career in television comedy includes Smack the Pony, Big Train, Trollied and Cardinal Burns writing credits.


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