3D Animator

Pointing Duo Dvein Signs with 1stAveMachine

Spanish company directors Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo twist physical with digital to push the boundaries of live-action and CGI storytelling.

Production company 1stAveMachine has introduced the accessory for its directorial roster using the signing of Spanish company directors Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo, a.k.a Dvein, a very collaborative duo that’s pushing the boundaries of live action and CGI storytelling. Having a background in fine design and 3d animator , Guillem and Pardo are recognized for twisting the physical with digital and imagination with reality, developing evocative concepts that embrace surrealism and class.

Spanning cinema, broadcast, videos and art, Dvein’s film work heralds an unmistakably hybrid quality reflective from the company directors themselves.

Teo Guillen and Carlos Pardo

“We attempt to act as ‘one brain,’” Pardo stated. “We’re essentially one director with two different opinions. Coupled with our interest in opposites and juxtaposition, this bipolar process is usually the catalyst for that surreal imagery we’re noted for.Inches

Dvein’s avant-garde visions have ran with the creative methods of legendary brands and famous cultural figures, like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Diesel, Canal , MTV, National Geographic, and Nokia.

“We have adopted 1stAve forever, watching their evolution like a company so that as creatives. We felt linked to their experimental approach and aptitude for mixed media projects, that is fundamentally of Dvein, too. Experimentation is within our DNA. We anticipate amplifying our creativeness at 1stAve, grounding even our craziest ideas the truth is,Inches Guillem added.

1stAveMachine isn’t the first group to be aware of Dvein’s unique visual statement, ever-evolving experimentation, and style-driven culture. The duo’s enchanting opening film for OFFF Festival was handpicked for that 2009 Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Director Showcase as well as their first music video for that Vein track, “Magma,” gained acclaim over the web because of its visceral fusion of in-camera and computer-produced visuals.

The duo has additionally won numerous honours, for example PromaxBDA South America honours, the Australian Effects & 3d animator Festival, the Laus Honours, and much more. Dvein’s innovation work continues to be featured at festivals and conferences around the world, including F5 in New You are able to, ArtFutura in Buenos Aires, and SXSW.“When Dvein arrived at out and requested when we could be interested, we leaped in the chance,” said Air/Partner, Mike Penfield. “We would always prefer to believe that we offer the area for company directors to complete their finest work. Thinking about Dvein’s awesome portfolio entering the organization, growing it will be a thrilling creative challenge.”a25th Anniversary Edition of ‘Beauty and also the Beast’ On Blu-ray September 25


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