Animation Company

Mall-based VR encounters listed at $5 USD or more made an appearance in first-tier Chinese metropolitan areas this past year, and therefore are now distributing to second-tier and third-tier shopping malls.  All in all, animation company believed that China presently has nearly 3,000 location-based VR experience zones open to the general public.  Full-on VR amusement parks will also be within the works throughout landmass China.  SPACES, a La-based VR/MR company, is partnering with China’s Songcheng amusement park group inside a $$ 30 million USD partnership to create VR encounters and MR stage shows to Songcheng parks across China.  SPACES may also enhance Songcheng’s popular 6Rooms live streaming site with VR and MR capacity.

And within lies the rub, as China’s aspirational VR plans inevitably chafe from the constraints of animation company controlled media and controlled marketplaces.  The good thing is that local surveys show which more than 1 / 2 of the VR customers in China are prepared to spend over $15 USD monthly on VR content.  Entertainment apps (VR games, 360 videos and 360 live broadcasts) are typically the most popular, adopted by educational and socials apps (VR courses, social VR, VR/AR commerce and VR/AR professional tools).  Unhealthy news is the fact that China’s Condition Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film & Television’s burdensome game development rules and also the Cyberspace Administration of China’s new requirement of 24/7 monitoring & charge of live streaming (to combat apparent social affilictions including Chinese women eating bananas online) promote a culture of caution that could begin with content and can inevitably spread all through the whole VR ecosystem, to chilling effect.

China’s aspirations to soft power and cultural export are frankly restricted by such limitations (it is really an observation, not really a critique).  Random rules frequently curb any Chinese content that becomes too popular – from talent contests to TV dramas with provocative styles or an excessive amount of cleavage.  Chinese content designers and marketers are challenged to become concurrently innovative, expansive and careful.

If there’s any consolation to people from other countries who’re awakening to China’s looming VR ecosystem, it is based on the truth that China’s possibility to take VR mainstream before other nations is hampered with a limited regulating atmosphere.  China’s VR gold hurry goes boom or bust according to whether it sprouting ecosystem is permitted to thrive. Over-pruning a tree could be worse these days pruning it whatsoever.


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