Interior Designer Malaysia

It’s that season when we predicts the commercial interior designer Malaysia trends for that approaching year- from what’s on tap for Chicago retail construction to national restaurant construction and hospitality construction. We’ve put together this list according to conversations with clients and fellow commercial construction experts, approaching bid work, economic projections and findings within the field.

1. We’re the 99 % – Following together with Occupy Wall Street, value-based new retail and restaurant construction projects that concentrate on 99 % of people will still be hot. Watch brands like Ross Dress at a lower price and Savers still gain momentum. Presently Savers has three Chicago-area locations, but we wouldn’t be amazed to determine time increase.

Growing retail brands likes Advance Auto and Auto Zone which help consumers cut costs by continuing to keep their cars longer also needs to continue doing well. From what we should hear around the commercial construction news front, if you will see any new shopping center construction projects the coming year, they could be outlet malls – a category that’s seeing an uptick following a couple of quiet years.

New hospitality interior designer Malaysia projects this year may also concentrate on the 99 %. Most hotel brands are building residence inns and business inns versus. their high-finish flagship brands. Anticipate seeing hotel construction within the extended stay market grow the coming year with a focus on highly amenitized rooms.2. The Fir Percent Still Matters, Too – With regards to luxury retail construction, search for high-finish brands to pay attention to retail renovations of existing locations. These established high-finish retailers are benefiting from market conditions to construct bigger and stores. There’s always a minumum of one big Michigan Avenue retail construction project annually and at this time Burberry is growing its Michigan Avenue space from two tales to 5 tales, plus one basement level.We see no slowing down lower in supplying designers conceptual commercial construction budgets. Deals today are tougher to create and designers wish to make certain there aren’t any hidden figures.


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