Android Developer

First-time outsourcers might have heard terms like fixed cost project and some time and material engagement. These are the outsourcing models application development teams follow today. There’s a couple many the models choose how the work would be carried out in relation to releases and payments.

Fixed cost project

True fixed cost projects require teams as well as android developer clients to possess total clearness on which features could be built and exactly how they’d be built. It always helps if your team has generated an identical product before or even the try to be outsourced is comparable to another module of the existing product. All of this leaves little room for misunderstanding of product scope and scope creep that occurs so frequently within the outsourcing market. This is actually the most traditional of outsourcing models.

A great deal of time must be put in documenting the characteristics and lounging the timelines and deliverables. Anything would condition the deliverables as well as their corresponding timelines and also the exact project cost. This really is signed before the first invoice for advance and project kickoff.

This model is an awful idea in instances where the merchandise is continually evolving, getting changes towards the scope. Care needs to be taken to make sure that change orders are transported out correctly in situation additional features have to be added. Minimizing project risk and price escalation are primary goals of the model.Time & Material

As suggested by its name, this model involves having to pay a group on the periodic basis. The work and android developer is scope aren’t fixed and for that reason, continuous discovery happens. Initial product discovery is completed where a couple of things become obvious:

Magnitude from the project(approximate time & sources needed)

Amount of clearness on features(deciding between fixed versus t&m)

Some time and material model is transported in various levels. Some vendors condition approximately no. of several weeks needed to complete the duties.


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